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3.0.34  April 02 2004, Added function to use only Greek/English as well as G/English and Swedish. Minor cosmetic changes. About 3300 basic words

3.0.35  April 03 2004, Extended database file, general spelling correction, new setup file 

April 04 2004 Changed the zip files into three different versions Still same version of program file but revised help file and wordlist.

April 11 2004 New wordlist. Some new words. Some errors corrected in the list. Now 3412 Greek basic words and expressions including 525 verbs and about 32600 declined/conjugated forms.

3.0.36 18 April 2004.New presentation of declined/conjugated forms. Some small fixes, again some new words. Now approx 3450 Greek words in their nominative form and approx 32700 searchable forms.

3.0.37 24 April 2004. A fix in the Exercise module when using only Greek/English that should have been there already in version 3.0.34. Other small details changed , some new words. Now approx 3460 Greek words in their nominative form and approx 33300 searchable forms.  

3.0.38 28 February 2005. In the left top view I now present the number of unique English/Swedish words instead of the total number of such entries. The actual lists when searching for English/Swedish words and their Greek translation sometimes carries doubles. This is due to the fact that the database is made up of single Greek entries with more than one English/Swedish interpretation.  Thanks to a report from the Netherlands concerning the use of apostrophe some 70 entries of English words have been corrected in the database and the proper apostrophe sign, ASCII number 39 is now used. Read more of the correct apostrophe use here!

Latest version

3.0.39  Uploaded to the new server on 17 December 2006. 

Of course there could always be more improvements to the programme itself. Lack of time is the reason the programme is unchanged. The only new to this version is an updated wordlist and the database now contains 3763 words in their nominative form and 44360 searchable forms. As before the download and use of Lexoulla is almost free. The only condition is: Tell me what you think, at least if you find errors!


Checked: 17 december 2006