The story of Lexoulla

By the time of my first tour with UNFICYP in Cyprus in 1980 I became interested in the Hellenic culture. Slowly I started to learn Greek and now, after spending a total of 2 years in Cyprus, a lot of island hopping (you know where) and some courses at the Hellenic Cultural Center I know a lot more of the Greek language.  This previous link is still working but the page is not longer updated and contains old information and a lot of nice pictures. Their new page is to be found here,

One of my ways to learn it is to read, repeat and repeat again often by writing. Of course you need to listen and talk as well. For repeating, what is more useful than the computer. Hand writing is boring and you will soon be tired. 

For that reason words was gradually entered into a database ,and  the Lexoulla project was born.  Naturally all Greek words, translated to English and Swedish are in their basic forms  but verbs, adjectives and nouns are also found in their different declined versions according to tense, gender and case etc. The database contains about 3500 3760 Greek words and grows a bit every autumn and winter.  


By the same time Lexoulla was born, as a test in programming I made  the Bylings generic calendar. The calendar has support for Swedish holidays including the non fixed ones. The ISO standard for week numbers is also implemented into it and of course it is possible to make your own notations per day. Searchable of course. Documentation in Swedish only.       

Checked: 17 december 2006