Fonts and functions 

Lexoulla uses mainly the free Greek font TekniaGreek and from that page a keyboard layout can be downloaded. TekniaGreek is used everywhere except for the two remark fields that is available for each word in the database. There Unicode is used and that makes it easy to write your own remarks using both Latin and Greek letters just using the key combination you have set in your Windows.  

The TekniaGreek font will install in the Windows/fonts directory.  One difference from Unicode is the final sigma, ς, that is found at "w" in Unicode but at "V" (capital)  in TekniaGreek

The "v" in TekniaGreek pressed after the letter that requires an accent gives  o tovnoV

Support for overall Unicode fonts  may be available in the future. I have some ideas but not the time.

This test version is fully functioning except for the right click "Imperative and Participles function" mentioned further down. What has been stripped away is the possibility to add words and some data handling controls.

The printer routines will function but there are some problems in printing wide grids that will not fit into one paper. This however is the same problem that even Microsoft Excel has when printing wide spreadsheets and the problem is more of the nature how to present the material than actually to print it.  

In the three different exercise modules, there are no chances of editing, just your chance of exercising! 

Most list fields are editable and changes will update in the database when you leave the field with the enter button! If you leave the field by other means, such as clicking with the mouse or using the tab there is no update.

To edit a field, you Enter the field either with the Enter Button or F2. 

Be aware that such changes will not be transferred to an updated version of this program. A higher version will simply overwrite the old database. If you find mistakes notify me and I will correct them. Or keep your own record of errors! There must be at least typos! Every word has an ID number. Please refer to the ID number that is found at the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Checked: 10 december 2006

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