Why Krasaki?

All those short and easy to remember .com domains seemed to be taken since long ago. My ISP provider and their free domains with complicated addresses were too much. That's why project Krasaki was born.


The diminutive is the form meaning something small or minor and hence   "Κρασάκι"(Krasaki) translates like "some wine", "a little wine" because the basic form -the nominative form- for wine is  "το κρασί" (to krasi).The accent in those  words -ά and -ί tells us where the stress should be in the word.The definite article "το" tells us that the noun is in the Neuter case and therefore adds the diminutive ending -άκι  to what is the stem of the noun "κρασ-".

For the Feminine case , article "η" as in "η λέξη" = word adds -ούλα after itīs stem giving us "η λεξούλα" the small word. Another ending in the Feminine case is -ιτσα. I.e the name Eleni, η Έλενη becomes "Ελενίτσα" meaning the little Eleni. Call it the freedom of an artist or whatever, my programme was then called Lexoulla with double l:s.

Finally in the Masculine case, the ending -άκος is used in the diminutive form.

I could as well have used "νεράκι" which comes from the word for water, "το νερό" but I preferred some wine instead of some water. After all it is just a name.........


Checked: 10 december 2006